I wrote extension to VS Code

May 22, 2019

I feel comfortable using Spacemacs, it has almost everything I need while I write in Python. Sometimes I use other languages and this forces me to look into Spacemacs' configuration. Spacemacs does it's job but some things are difficult to configure.

So I decided to try and use VS Code for a while instead. It has really good support for Python and other languages. I used it while working on a React Native app or when writing in Typescript. One thing that really interests me is Live Share feature. One can share coding session with anyone by simply sharing a link. Very useful when pair programming, not like Hangouts or Slack.

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Guide on Developing Azure Functions locally

May 17, 2019


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Slack journal is my office blog.

April 26, 2019

I use slack at work, which is not a surprise as many teams do. Our team is also remote, not fully remote but everyday some part of the team is not in the office. This changes how we work together, and it in my opinion affects communication most. To tackle problems with remote teams it is best to look for advice from companies that are remote as they most probably solved it already. While looking for such advice I found a great guide to remote teams. It has 4 chapters on: hiring, communication, management, and culture. I highly recommend reading the whole guide.

What I have focused on is communication, as this was issue that in my opinion caused most problems. Too little exchange will cause misunderstandings, and may give false impression that no one is working and little is going on. Decisions made without notifying all team members may cause misunderstandings as well. Such decisions are sometimes made in a channel, or in a private talk, or during a meeting.

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Actor model

April 20, 2019


One of my resolutions this year is to review my notes from each conference I visit and read/learn/build something. Quite recently I have been for the second time to Lambda Days in Kraków, where I got interested in Elixir. It is functional, what is dear to me but more importantly it is built for concurrent computation. This is achieved by shared nothing architecure and actor model. It means that each actor, or process in Elixir land, is independent and share no memory or disk storage. Communication between processes is achieved by sending messages. This allows building systems that are concurrent with less effort. Since it is so helpful I'll try to understand what actor is and hopefully explain it here.

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Redis cache

April 10, 2019

I enjoy listening to podcasts, as they sometimes give me inspiration to create something. In one of the episodes of Python Bytes podcast guys mentioned https://github.com/bwasti/cache.py tool. cache.py allows to cache function calls across runs by using cache file. Simple and really useful.

This inspired me to write a similar thing but for distributed apps, based on redis as a cache storage. I called it rcache and you can find it on PyPI.

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